Consultant Pharmacists

Consultant Pharmacists

GeriatRx Pharmacy has an industry leading team of Certified Geriatric Pharmacists to provide exceptional clinical services to your facility.

  • Comprehensive drug regimen review for all new residents
  • Medication review provided prior to each resident’s annual care conference
  • Quarterly medication reviews coincide with physician quarterlies
  • All quarterly reviews include a falls assessment and a full evaluation of antipsychotic medication use
  • Weekly visits to the facility
  • Regular in-service education programs
  • Full representation on all applicable committees
  • Assistance with accreditation preparation
  • Outbreak management & assistance
Quality Assurance Nurses

Quality Assurance Nurses

Our team of Quality Control Nurses conducts regular audits in our facilities to ensure best available practices and MOHLTC regulations are being followed at all times. All elements of physicians’ orders and nurse transcription are evaluated. Medication passes can be observed and deficiencies noted, using a supportive, non-confrontational approach.

  • Reconciliation of Narcotic and Controlled Drug substances monthly
  • Complete review of tracking documentation and shift counts
  • Thorough audits of drug administration & documentation transcription
  • Procedural concerns and discrepancies are documented and addressed with the facility management immediately
  • Medication carts, fridges, and stat boxes are checked regularly
  • Quality Assurance Nurse meets with the DOC or ADOC, as designated to deliver a comprehensive report
  • Key findings are highlighted for immediate attention
Technology Consultants

Technology Consultants

Our IT consultant service works in partnership with our clients to provide solution-based strategies.  Comprehensive training, remote access, rapid response from our IT team and redundant backup resources ensure GeriatRx technology systems always function efficiently.

  • Seamless integration with your facility IT support system
  • Increased efficiency with medication management systems
  • Bridged support between your Registered Staff and technology infrastructure
  • User friendly software systems
  • 24/7 comprehensive software and hardware support