Digital Drug Record Book

Electronic Drug Record Book delivers an efficient time-saving system to manage and reconcile medication inventory

  • Medication is ordered and received using a barcode scanner
  • Complete resident profile access
  • Eliminate paper and the need to manually record the ordering and receipt of medications
  • No more incomplete Drug Record Books
  • Secure and encrypted access to database
  • Narcotics and Controlled Drugs are highlighted

Computerized Prescriber Order Entry and Digital Charts

  • Comprehensive electronic resident chart
  • Three Month Review scheduling and processing
  • Order processing confirmation and documentation
  • Secure messaging/communication between pharmacy, prescriber, and facility
  • Quick, free form entry and easy to use interface
  • Integrated with pharmacy software

Digital Pen Technology

Digital Pen allows for all physician handwritten prescriptions to be converted to digital format

  • Instantaneous transmission of doctor’s orders
  • Faxing of orders no longer required
  • No more “chart-stacking” in the nursing station
  • System is very user friendly; audible and info screen alerts for transmission status
  • Nurse receives immediate confirmation of order transmission
  • On-line portal to fax, view, re-send and print any physician order transmitted
  • Pharmacy receives orders more quickly

Advanced Multi-Dose Packaging and Verification

A new level of safety and precision in medication administration to meet resident safety and quality of care standards

  • Medications are packed in a convenient time and day based pouch
  • Reduced time in preparation and administration of medication
  • Pre-split tablets for consistency and dispensing accuracy
  • Dynamic bag sizing to reduce the overall size of weekly pouches
  • All pouches verified and contents confirmed against photo database before dispensing
  • Photo catalogue of all pouches is saved and available for future retrieval if needed upon request

Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records bring a new level of safety & efficiency to LTC resident management and medication administration

  • Partnered with all major EHR providers and support for nursing staff
  • Accurate, real-time and complete resident information with secure access to resident health records for entire professional health care team
  • Safer and more reliable prescribing and administration with instantaneously updated MARs
  • Real-time view of medpass status, MARs are automatically signed and time-stamped using a secure Nurse ID Code
  • Resident image verification prior to administration ensures ‘right’ med goes to ‘right’ resident
  • Paper burden is reduced and monthly MAR check is no longer required
  • PRN follow-up alert assures completion of PRN documentation and clinical assessments